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The default IP address is and the default login is admin for both user and password. The look, finish and overall appearance, like the built in setup menu, is high quality with good attention to detail. ASUS has a long reputation of building high quality motherboards and I've owned a couple of them and they were great. [Solved] Cant sign in to ASUS RT‑N12 Wireless router Jun 04, 2015 Asus RT-N12 | InfoDepot Wiki | Fandom Special Thanks to Eko DO NOT use Firefox for upgrading builds! Use Internet Explorer!!!! Download the firmware dd-wrt.v24-14929_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini_RT-N12.trx.; For simplicity, connect only the PC to one of the router's LAN ports with a normal [uplink] ethernet cable. No other modem,computers,routers,switches, etc should be connected. Resetting ASUS RT-N12 Router - Windows 7 Help Forums Dec 09, 2014

Simple Asus RT-N12D1 Router Open Port Guide

ASUS RT-N12 Default Router Login and Password

The RT-N12 even allows you to set up 4 SSIDs, so, users can flexibly manage Internet access and bandwidth allocation. ASUS RT-N12 D1 - wireless router - 802.11b/g/n - desktop is rated 4.67 out of …

Jun 28, 2020 How to Use an ASUS RP-N12 N300 WiFi Repeater - To retrieve the Wi-Fi credentials set on your ASUS RP-N12 N300 Range Extender you need to use a computer: Launch the browser that you use to go online. Navigate to and sign with the login credentials set on your range extender. Micro Center - How to set up WiFi on an ASUS RT-N12 Description: This article will show how to set up the ASUS RT-N12 Wireless Router using the Quick Internet Setup feature. Plug in the included power adapter to the router. Plug in the included Ethernet cable to one of the router’s LAN ports, and the other end to the computer’s Ethernet port.; Connect your modem to the router’s WAN Port.; Plug in your modem’s Power adapter.