Mar 16, 2020

SG Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 Misc Downloads. SG Vista TCP/IP Patch - NOT required if using the TCP Optimizer Description: The SG Vista TCP/IP patch us a quick way to optimize Vista TCP/IP settings for broadband internet connections. It sets both netsh auto tunning levels and modifies the Windows Registry as recommended by our Vista Tweaks article. It is recommended to run the patch when … Net Uptime Monitor - the simple Internet Connection Monitor This internet connection monitor will alert you to failures in your internet connection and record their exact time and length. This info will help your internet provider troubleshoot the problem – after it helps you convince them it’s not your imagination! Best remote desktop software of 2020: Free, paid and for Apr 20, 2020

Internet Accelerator is a free software to boost internet speed on your computer. This internet booster software is pretty simple to use. You just have to select your connection type, and click on the Accelerate option. You can choose from the following connection types: Internet Dial up connection via Modem. Internet Dial up connection via ISDN

Diagnosing Internet Connection Issues - How to narrow down where the internet outages/slowdown is occuring so they are more informed before speaking to their Internet Service Provider (ISP). How to identify if the phone line might be the cause of internet problems. Wifi Issues. Ideas for a “Backup” Internet Connection to keep working when the main internet connection is down. SUPtest - Internet Connection Test Tool download

Measure the bandwidth of your Internet connection with Speed Test – a suite of Internet speed test tools leveraging over 8,000 servers around the globe. Speed Test calculates the network throughput you get in both directions: download and upload, as well as ping and jitter.

Best Internet Optimizer for Windows | Top Speed Results of Especially when you're playing an MMO or watching a streaming video. Use an Internet optimizer to gain faster online speed and stabilize your Internet connection. An Internet optimizer will speed up any Internet connection including Cable, DSL, Dialup, Satellite, and ISDN. Plus it … 5 Free Software To Monitor Data Usage Dec 20, 2012