FCC: Today’s improving mobile networks can impact

FCC TODAY: It’s A Fine Day For Radio. By. RBR-TVBR - November 7, 2016. 0. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. Linkedin. Email. The Federal Communications … FCC Approval for 6GHz Wi-Fi - Cisco Meraki Blog Thank you to the FCC. Today, on April 23rd, the FCC Commission voted to approve 1,200MHz of additional spectrum to Wi-Fi. The information superhighway is getting supercharged with a whole host of additional high-speed lanes. FCC Adopts RDOF Auction Rules: LEO Satellite Broadband … 2020-7-21 · The FCC today adopted rules for the RDOF, or Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, auction, and those rules would not categorically prevent LEOs from bidding to provide low-latency service.

A new "Daily Releases" section has been added to FCC.today. It will only be on the desktop version and will be located between Broadcast Applications and Broadcast Actions. Daily Releases will track all of the new documents released by the FCC (from all Bureaus, not just Media) in order to provide a "first view" into newly released decisions

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Today the FCC officially designated - Federal The FCC today approved new rules to further encourage the blocking o f suspected illegal or unwanted robocalls by establishing safe harbors from liability for phone companies that may unintentionally or inadvertently block wanted calls. The rules will also enable voice service providers, under certain conditions, to block calls from bad actor upstream voice service providers, if such Work for FCC TODAY! Midwest Route ONLY! Owner-Operator