“Your computer can’t connect to the Remote Desktop Gateway

On Hyper-V-Server 2012 R2 the firewall may be blocking RDC (I think this is an issue introduced with R2). To enable remote desktop to connect through the firewall, log into the hyper-v-server, and at the command prompt enter: netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group="remote desktop" new enable=Yes. thus: Windows Azure Remote Desktop Can't Connect - Stack Overflow Azure VM Remote Desktop Can't Connect. 1. Unable to access Remote Desktop on Azure Cloud Service. Hot Network Questions When jumpstarting a car from another car can one connect the chassis of one car to the chassis of the other car? Generate self-avoiding loops of a specific length Escaping Moons Conflict With What I Understand Of Gravity How to Use SSH to Connect to a Remote Server in Linux or Sep 24, 2018 Windows - "Your computer can't connect to the Remote

Troubleshoot “Remote desktop disconnected” errors in

Change/Tweak your Firewall Settings. This thing is a must to do if you are having problems with … Remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer: Reasons and solutions Krishnamoorthi Gopal Thu, Sep 19 2019 Thu, Sep 19 2019 remote control , remote desktop services 7 This post aims to discuss all the common reasons why a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection can't connect to a remote …

Once you have the Remote Desktop Connection client open click Options, then click the Advanced tab and then, under Connect from anywhere, click Settings. In the RD Gateway Server Settings window select Use these RD Gateway server settings, and then type the server name (ask your network administrator for this information).

checking "Allow Remote assistance connection to this computer. a set a password for my account. I setup the port forwarding on my router. set my remote desktop communction program feild in my firewall, ZonAlarm, to allow for everything. yet it does not connect to my laptop remotely.